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Reduce Heartburn. Generate More Retirement Alpha.

What’s keeping your clients up at night?

Surprisingly, the future keeps a lot of people awake at night: 56% of Americans lose sleep thinking about retirement.

– Ramsey Solutions, Stress and Anxiety Surrounding Retirement An In-Depth Look at What Keeps Americans Up at Night, Aug 10, 2016

Retirement Alpha is the value you add to your clients through retirement planning, strategy, tactics and products. It reflects the management of longevity risk with guaranteed lifetime income. Learn more.

We believe that RIAs focused on Retirement Alpha hold the key to building a sustainable business. Learn more.

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Let‘s face it: in today’s competitive market, your affluent clients are expecting more.

This year researchers reported that affluent families find annuities an appealing addition to their retirement portfolios.

What percentage of affluent families found the following options appealing?


Traditional portfolio consisting of just stock and bond mutual funds


Traditional portfolio + variable annuity with a guaranteed income rider


Traditional portfolio + fixed indexed annuity with a guaranteed income rider

How Investors Evaluate Guaranteed Lifetime Income Products: Report on an National Survey, CANNEX Greenwald, June 1, 2016

Add Retirement Alpha

Systematic withdrawal plans do not obviously outperform annuities as a way to meet retirement spending goals as well as providing support for contingencies and legacy.

“Longevity risk is one of the key risks that can be managed effectively by an annuity. Investment and sequence risks are also alleviated through the more conservative investing approach for the underlying annuitized assets.”

Dr. Wade D. Pfau, Why Bond Funds Don’t Belong in Retirement Portfolios, 2015Professor of Retirement Income at The American College

The latest generation of fixed indexed annuities does this and more by providing access to savings and death benefits not found in traditional longevity annuities.

About The Modernist Advisor

The Modernist Advisor is a marketing program that’s exclusively for RIAs. We are challenging the status quo.

  • We believe ensuring better retirement outcomes will result in new clients, additional Assets Under Management and additional value to your business.
  • We’ve succeeded in doing it for other businesses; we can do it for yours.
  • We’re ready to help you integrate annuities into your wealth management process.
  • Proven business development strategies & tactics

  • Client experience focused technologies

  • Networking with other successful RIA leaders

  • Fiduciary-based income planning education

  • Innovative annuity products

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