Turn 4% Systematic Withdrawal Challenges Into New Clients

Last week we hosted an extremely well received webinar featuring Warren Wall, CFP® and Dave Vick, advisor and noted author. Most of the webinar dealt with the challenges with using a 4% systematic withdrawal plan with your retiring clients (click here to watch a replay). Warren and Dave did an excellent job of explaining how they address key risks like sequence of returns and longevity. Dave’s ABC Planning Model is an excellent starting point for advisors who are transitioning into the RIA space. Many seasoned advisors on the webinar were impressed by how Retirement Alpha can help them achieve better outcomes for their clients.

 The question several attendees asked was: How do I turn this knowledge into new business?

Coincidently, Michael Kitces’ has a great post on this subject, “Growing a Planning Firm In The Digital Age: The Rise Of Inbound Marketing.” Michael joined us on March 15th for an interactive Post-DOL fireside chat on this subject and much more. Catch the replay here.

 Here’s how to put it all together into a simple campaign:

  1. Identify you target audience: ideally these are your retirement income planning niche.
  2. Create your 4% SWP content piece(s). The USA Today published “3 serious problems with the 4% retirement rule” on March 4 which can give you a good starting point.
  3. Post your content to your website, blog, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter (don’t forget SEC rules on using social media).
  4. Push your content to prospects in your CRM and to clients with a note asking them about friends and colleagues who might benefit from a second option on their retirement income plans.

 If you haven’t committed to a niche or if you need more help with building more sustainable growth processes, contact us today!

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