Webinar Replay: Myth Busting the 4% Withdrawal Rule in a Post-DOL World

Warren Wall and David Vick joined us to myth bust the 4% Withdrawal Rule. More advisors and researchers are discovering that a 4% systematic withdrawal plan (SWP) might not be in the client’s best interest.

Check out this fast-paced interactive dive into managing the sequence of returns and longevity risks. This session offers a practicing investment advisor’s approach to helping clients achieve better retirement outcomes by managing these risks that can undermine a 4% SWP.

Hear practical, proven, day-to-day strategies and techniques from highly regarded investment advisors Warren Wall, CFP® and David Vick, noted author. Dave’s book, Bat-Socks, Vegas, & Conservative Investing, captures the essence of conservative investing with colorful stories and impassioned insights into the world of retirement planning.

Get more love from clients and prospects.  Watch this webinar for a fast-paced 55-minute session:

  1. 3 Questions to Increase Your AUM
  2. Reduce Client Heartburn About Sequence of Returns
  3. New Best Interest Retirement Solutions
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