Retirement Planning Best Practices with Dr. Wade Pfau

Webinar Replay: Retirement Planning Best Practices with Dr. Wade Pfau

Dr. Wade Pfau, CFA, joined us on July 11th to share his Retirement Planning Best Practices and the science behind why they center around integrated solutions that include lifetime income guarantees.  Feedback was extremely positive, with 100% of survey participants rating it Useful or Very Useful. 

Watch the webinar now.

Dr. Wade Pfau shares retirement planning best practices and the science behind it

Dr. Pfau delivered actionable retirement planning insights including:

  1. Investment Management & Measuring Success
  2. 4% Rule and Achieving Better Outcomes
  3. Retirement Optimization Strategies

There were also many actionable solutions offered by The Modernist Advisor including a series of steps advisors can take to achieve purposeful growth in the post-DOL world. One of the niches that was talked about extensively was retirement income planning for boomers that transcends investment strategies. The Modernist Advisor offered a complementary “Stress Test” that advisors could use to determine how Retirement Alpha could improve portfolio performance.

Check out the replay for more.

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