Leadership is the Best Marketing Strategy

When 1/3 of the largest RIAs lost AUM in 2016, alarms should have gone off.

“In all, 11 of the top 25 firms on this year’s ranking shed assets. By comparison, just one firm in the top 25 did last year.” – RIA Leaders 2017: Is this decumulation? Financial-Planning.com, January 3, 2017

Perhaps it has to do with decumulation and the aging client base. But FA Insight puts the spotlight on the fact that only about 25% of RIAs firms have a sustainable growth program. This month in an InvestmentNews article,  practice management guru Stephanie Bogan offered the suggestion that the cause might be lack of leadership: “Upon review, none of the rationalizations cited for why firms aren’t growing stand up. It quickly becomes clear that there isn’t a business case for any of them, or the behavior they represent. These are leadership issues, driven by what’s happening inside of us.”

On February 15th, we’ll be hosting an interactive webinar Post-DOL: RIAs 3 Winningest Strategies, that offers the growth strategies and tactics that can turn the decumulation liability into an asset that drives sustainable organic growth. All leaders are invited to attend.  Click here to register.

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