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Turn 4% Systematic Withdrawal Challenges Into New Clients

Last week we hosted an extremely well received webinar featuring Warren Wall, CFP® and Dave Vick, advisor and noted author. Most of the webinar dealt with the challenges with using a 4% systematic withdrawal plan with your retiring clients (click here to watch a replay). Warren and Dave did an excellent job of explaining how […]

Give Clients Guaranteed Income in a Post-DOL World

The future keeps a lot of people awake at night: 56% of Americans lose sleep thinking about retirement. – Ramsey Solutions, Stress and Anxiety Surrounding Retirement An In-Depth Look at What Keeps Americans Up at Night, Aug 10, 2016 The search for solutions that fit into the fixed income bucket or address longevity risks, the list […]

A Not So Obvious Choice for Income

Dr. Wade Pfau’s research helps us understand that systematic withdrawal plans do not obviously outperform annuities as a way to meet retirement spending goals as well as providing support for contingencies and legacy. He adds: “Advisors with aversion to income annuities think carefully about whether their advice is serving the best interest of their clients.” […]

Leadership is the Best Marketing Strategy

When 1/3 of the largest RIAs lost AUM in 2016, alarms should have gone off. “In all, 11 of the top 25 firms on this year’s ranking shed assets. By comparison, just one firm in the top 25 did last year.” – RIA Leaders 2017: Is this decumulation? Financial-Planning.com, January 3, 2017

It’s a Process

You hear top tier athletes and business people say it all the time: It’s a process. Now is your chance to go beyond credentials and master the process of fiduciary-based retirement planning. RIAs: Transform your business into a powerful magnet for ideal clients and meet ERISA Prudence and DOL Best Interest Standards.

More RIAs Face Declining AUM

In 2013, Mark Hurley projected that RIAs would face a season of slower growth and decumulation. It looks like that season has begun. Remember that 2017 marks the first year that the oldest baby boomers will experience required minimum distributions.

Webinar Replay: 5 Ways Advisors Lose the Clients They Love

Goldilocks could probably blow up your business with this 4-letter word – too little risk, too much risk, just right? Whether that’s “blow up” good or “blow up” bad depends on whether you view this webinar. Getting the right fit helps in attracting and closing many new clients while keeping existing clients happy. 5 Key […]